Mission Statement

At Floatograph Mast & Trailer Solutions, we strive to become the first choice of supplier to our customers, and that’s why we continually provide fully customized, impeccable, high-performance telescopic masts. We are dedicated to uncompromising customer service and product support every day of the year.

Our wealth and breadth of experience and customer-focused philosophy allows us to exceed our customers’ expectations with every interaction. We are continually committed to perpetual innovation and faultless service, from the initial contact through to the sale, and beyond.

Kurt Liestenfeltz, President
Floatograph Mast & Trailer Solutions

What We Do

From design and manufacture, all the way through to delivery to your door, Floatograph® is in control of the entire process.

Once an order is placed, a dedicated member of our team is assigned to you to provide a clear, consistent channel of communication throughout the entire manufacturing process. This ensures your project’s success as we fabricate detailed product solutions from your specifications.

We then use an in-house, state-of-the-art SolidWorks CAD system for the engineering, design and prototyping of your project, submitting the results to you for pre-approval before the manufacturing process begins.

One Company — With Production Under One Roof

We complete every part of the manufacturing of every order in one facility because it gives us absolute control of your project for total precision and flawless execution of your design. But keeping the production under one roof also eliminates miscommunication and delays from third-party suppliers, which can be frustrating—and costly. Our streamlined facility employs a highly skilled and trained labor force with military and scientific experience, as well as the resources to quickly meet increased production demands. These capabilities allow us to greatly reduce your potential expenditure for research and development.

Our factory floor is a continuous hive of activity, producing several different projects at any one time. Our technically trained staff and leading-edge equipment provide:

  • Metalwork: Forming, trimming, laser-cutting, bending, stamping
  • Manual welding of aluminum and steel
  • Complete assembly
  • Spray finishing/powder coating
  • Complete product detailing
  • Low and high volume runs
  • Final inspection for compliance
  • Durability and endurance testing
  • Door-to-door delivery or drop-shipping
  • After-delivery technical support


We Look Forward to Creating Your Vision.

Floatograph® Mast & Trailer Solutions aims to provide a first-class customer service experience alongside our industry-preferred products, created with the highest quality and proven all-weather designs offered at the best overall value, combined with unparalleled reliability that will enable our masts and trailers to serve in all corners of the globe.