Military Masts

In order to be effective, military masts have unique requirements, and since 1989, Floatograph Technologies has been providing purpose-built solutions for companies and organizations that actively use military masts for homeland security and in defense programs worldwide.

We are Here for All Your Military Mast Needs

We create custom military masts to exact specifications, and our customers includeCROP FM20-50 CCTV Program Belvior Army anyone from prime contractors to end-users. Currently, our masts are in daily use in the government and military sectors with a multitude of applications such as UAV tracking or detection; defense communications; soldier training activities; emergency communications; base and facility security; mobile vehicle or trailer based solutions; intelligence gathering; and countless sensors, antennas, and surveillance cameras installed and elevated by our military masts.

Our product designs are rugged, reliable, and ready to take on your specific needs. Every part of the manufacturing of our masts is completed in house,giving us absolute control—we insist on total precision and flawless execution.  Floatograph manufactures durable, reliable, easy to use, and cost-effective military and telescopic masts. Our devices require minimal care and upkeep, which contributes to lower maintenance and lifecycle costs, and dramatically lower maintenance time between failures (MTBF).

The Most Rugged Military Masts Available

Military Mast on hummerThe demands of rugged terrain, harsh weather, and ongoing deployment will not phase Floatograph devices. Proudly made in the USA, all of our military masts have been mission proven in operating climates of extreme weather, from the desert to the arctic. Our mechanical masts are maintenance-free, making them far superior to the pneumatic masts offered by other companies. Pneumatic seals can be problematic, and thin, light-duty metal construction has been proven to be vulnerable to extreme weather. Floatograph’s merchandise don’t allow dust, sand, and dramatic temperatures to affect the reliability in a military operations theater. We deliver our mast systems packed perfectly and safely, with fully illustrated manuals and operating instructions. From the initial communication of your product design, throughout the manufacturing right up to delivery to your door, Floatograph is in control of the entire process. A dedicated team member provides clear and consistent communication to you every step of the way.

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