Rapid Pole

Rapid Pole®. Restore. Then Repair™

Rapid Pole® is a new, innovative technology revolutionizing the way utilities restore power to their customers.

Designed to swiftly address broken pole trouble spots, the Rapid Pole®  + Backfeed Trailer allows for rapid deployment, secure wire installation, and quick and efficient energization.

Rapid Pole

Rapid Pole® (RPT)

A tactical trailer with a telescopic mast that supports a variety of crossarm and bracket configurations capable of securing multiple overhead circuits.

Rapid Pole®

  • Set up to deployment in 10-20 minutes.
  • Single Axel, 20’, 7400# Tactical Trailer
  • Equivalent to a 55’ pole set in ground.
  • Minimal personnel required to deploy.
  • Safety Rating of 2,000 lbs of vertical weight
  • Battery-Operated hydraulic units release ZERO emissions

Backfeed Trailer (BFT)

A self-contained primary riser pole and pad mount transformer for generator back feed to quickly energize the primary circuit.

Backfeed Trailer

  • Fully integrated mobile 25’ primary riser pole
  • Deployed and ready for generation in 20 minutes
  • Minimal personnel required to deploy.
  • Permanently wired to accept generator power.
  • Choice of your padmount transformers to Backfeed onto primary system
  • Non-Insulating Aerial Device with Fiberglass Crossarm • 3 Level / 4 Position Crossarm Halo Mounting Points
  • Galvanized Steel Telescoping Mast Base Stage with All Aluminum Upper Stages
  • Hydraulically Tilting and Extending Telescoping Mast and Outrigger Stabilizers • Power Control Center • Emergency Start/Stop at Controls
  • Open-Center Hydraulic System
  • Trailer Minimum GVWR – 7,200 lb (3,200 kg) GVWR
  • From the World Leader in Telescoping Masts & Advanced Tactical Trailers!


  • Battery, Gas, or Diesel Generator Operation
  • Optional Wireless Mast Tilt and Extension Controller
  • Choice of Upper Stage & Enclosure Powder Coating Color
  • Inspection Drone Control, Charging and Storage Enclosure
Rapid Pole RPT-2

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