Floatograph Masts, Towers, and Poles

When elevation is required, you need a telescopic mast that meets all of your project’s specifications, no matter how unique or complex. Floatograph Mast & Trailer Solutions masts and antenna towers are designed for simplicity and efficiency and are currently being used by our diverse clientele in all corners of the globe to provide services such as security and surveillance, information transmission, elevated WiFi hot spots, data collection, and research gathering.

FM Series

Portable Masts and Trailer Towers

picture of our tactical trailer mast

These Floatograph Mil-Spec/Commercial telescopic masts are heavy-duty mechanical high tolerance yet lightweight aluminum construction, providing payload lift options from 25-450 pounds with minimal movement at any height. Height/weight lift depends on project variables. Drop down masts also available.

For heavier payloads, we offer a hydraulic mast with positive lock, which can be used for heights up to 60 feet.

EM Series

Aluminium Telescopic Masts & Portable Telescoping Towers

picture of Telescopic Masts

These Floatograph economical EM Series Telescopic Masts are made of steel, and provide payload lift up to 200 pounds. This mast can be utilized when tight tolerances are not required, and project budget is smaller.