To serve the diverse needs of our clients, we provide two distinct categories of trailers. One considered for going off-road in rural areas with rugged topography (TXE SERIES) and another meeting the needs for urban environments with paved streets (TCE SERIES). Additionally, our Monolith Qubes are a drop-and-go solution, a self-contained system unit without wheels.

With these three choices, your technology can be positioned anywhere you need it to be, even if that means rough terrain, harsh weather, constant deployment or with a minimal amount of manpower.

Are your designs complex and/or unconventional? That’s where our experience becomes your solution—our knowledge base enables us to produce custom products designed for your integration needs with a speed and accuracy that third-party providers cannot match. Each of our systems are completely modular Our allowing you to create your system with a mast or tower, combined with the integration of equipment and cargo storage, at near off the shelf pricing.

TXE SERIES: Advanced Tactical Trailers

Ruggedized Off-Road Mil-Spec Mast & Trailer System

TXE Series

When your requirements demand a rapidly deployable system that requires a minimal amount of manpower, the TXE SERIES of Advanced Tactical Trailers™ concept is the answer. They are recognized as the best in the business, used in military training in the United States by PEO STRI, to secure forward-operating bases in foreign conflicts, to calibrate the Patriot Missile System, and to monitor our domestic borders. Our clients worldwide rely on Floatograph’s trailer systems every day for key defense and law enforcement challenges, including difficult accessibility, inclement weather, and constant use. See power generation options below.

TCE SERIES: Commercial-Grade Trailers

Designed for Urban Street Use Mast & Trailer System

TCE Series

Urban and suburban environments require commercial-grade trailers that can be specifically engineered for communication, surveillance, data collection, and storage. Our TCE series of street-use trailers provide a range of sizes and configurations that are not only highly functional in metropolitan areas, but also are available with climate-controlled enclosures to protect sensitive electronic systems. See power generation options below.

Customization Through A Modular System

We excel at engineering and building trailer systems to our customers’ exacting specifications based on need. Each is modular, featuring a telescoping mast/tower, electronics and storage enclosures, power source via a generator or wind/solar tools and unmatched customization.

Modular Trailer Choices:

  • Aluminum alloy or steel-welded frames
  • 12V or 24V LED lighting & electrical systems
  • Independent rubber torsion single- or double-axle systems
  • Optional HMMWV-Style tires with or without low profile rubber run-flat inserts
  • Electric or inertia-actuated hydraulic surge brake system
  • Corner stabilizer jacks or our own easy to use swing-out stabilizing outriggers with grade leveling jacks.
  • FM-series aluminum mechanical masts: 10-100’, 25-1800 lb capacities
  • Generators: gas, diesel, JP-8 fuels – portable or permanent install
  • Fuel cells: 5 to 120 gallons
  • Alternative power: solar, wind or hybrid energy
  • Power storage: space saving, lower center of gravity below-deck storage of 50-258Ah AGM batteries
  • Electronics enclosures: NEMA 4X 8-60 RU shock-isolated rack enclosures
  • Storage enclosures: sizes to suit all cabling or payload needs
  • Control enclosures: to operate mast, power generation and/or payload/sensors

Cutting-Edge Alternative Energy Choices

To meet the needs required in any region or location across the globe, all trailers and Monolith Qubes have a wide variety of on-board power generation options to choose from, including combinations of:

  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • Solar panels
  • Wind turbines
  • DC-battery-charging generators

With climate-controlled equipment storage configurations, our trailers will meet the needs for any project, not matter the size, venue or length of deployment.

MONOLITH Qubes™ for Drop-and-Go Implementation

Smaller than a TXE or TCE trailer system in both size and cost, our two sizes of MONOLITH Qubes™ picture of monolith qubeare portable and self-contained,
providing power, height and enclosures for use in remote locations. These stackable, forkliftable, airliftable and sling-capable units are sized within a standard P1 pallet footprint, and designed for temporary or permanent/semi-permanent installations.

Create perimeters and mesh networks in difficult-to-access areas with strategic placement of MONOLITH Qubes™ and incorporate mast-mounted long-range cameras, antennas and/or sensors to effectively cover your operation’s area. In addition to communication and surveillance, these self-contained units are the perfect platform for CBRNe detection.

MONOLITH Qubes™ come equipped with:

P1 Qube

  • 10’ – 15’ Floatograph® FM-series telescoping mast
  • 8-RU NEMA 12X rack enclosure
  • 2 to 3 kW generator / Up to 650W of solar panels / 580Ah AGM batteries

P2 Jumbo Qube

  • 10’ – 30’ Floatograph® FM-series telescoping mast
  • 8 – 40RU NEMA 12X rack enclosure
  • 3 to 5kW generator / Up to 1,575W of solar panels / Up to 1740Ah AGM batteries

Ask about creating custom Monolith Qubes.

Stay on budget by reducing non-recurring engineering costs and production time with Floatograph’s telescopic masts and portable towers, tactical trailers or MONOLITH Qubes™.  All of our products are:

  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Constructed of raw/custom and commercial off-the-shelf parts
  • Easy to maintain and minimal maintenance
  • Require a minimal amount of manpower
  • Proven to be durable and reliable, with affordable life-cycle costs

Make sure your mission is a success by choosing a Floatograph system.